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Rub a Dub Dub Three Men in a Tub

If you're a regular to this blog of mine you'll know that I like to slag off the advertising industry. Especially when I spot an atrocious commercial. Like this load of froth from TBWA\Chiat Day New York and Tool of North America (Tool? ha ha).

Apparently the brief was "show the extra lengths that hotels go to to make sure they get a good review on Hotels.Com".

I can't get past the disturbing image of a black guy in a bath with two pasty-looking white nerds going the extra length blowing bubbles up his ass at the other end. It might have worked if it were a black chick in the bath. Nah...scrub that. It's still a stupid ad whichever way you look at it.

I've played this spot several times and I still can't make out what bath-boy is saying. Something about "Hotels.com gave me 30% off my Labor Day trip. Mumble mumble. Hotels.com - this'll guarantee you a good review". At which point the two bubble-blowers work even more furiously on their straws. One even gags. Then it's tagged "Get 30% off Labor Day. Welcome to Hotels dot com". Maybe they should've added "Free blow job with every stay"?

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