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Making Money Online - The Best Article I've Ever Read

Woah! My head is reeling. This is TheBest Article I've Ever Read on Making Money Online. This guy nails it. Who is he? In his own words -

My name is Dmitri Davydov and I am an avid ‘niche collector’. Seriously, I love niches. I first got interested in AdSense niches couple years ago, when I accidentally found out that you can make either $0.02 or $2.42 per click. The difference? Topic of your article. Basically, I post off the wall articles on a variety of different topics (MBA preparation, veneer logs, dog training, transgender issues, car donations) and track how well they do with AdSense in terms of per click averages.

Now I came to this site while researching Domain names. I was reading about an online business that's made its owner a million dollars (apparently). This one - Picky Domains. And I was reading about domain names because I'm in the process of setting up a new site and I'm looking at ways of monetising it without having to rely on Google Adsense. Google Adsense have just cut me off at the knees by not showing any ads (or maybe they show some) that are buried in the content here. And until they reply to my email, I have no idea why. They're still serving up ads on the Navigation Column on one of their skyscraper modules. But the bloody things don't pay. For one thing they have those stupid up and down arrows on them. Half the time the module is empty save for a couple of ads. Apparently they think you're going to find that so fascinating you'll scroll up and down to look at the other ads. Jesus H. Christ. You've really got to wonder who the Boy Genius is behind that one. My guess to why they've turned off my content ads is that their LSI spiders have found some naughty words or risqué pictures. Have a look a couple of posts down and you'll see I ran a story on Naked Ladies Riding the Paris Metro. Their LSI - Latent Semantic Index bot must have got really excited when it saw that.

Getting back to Dmitri Davydov's article he says -

So, if you want to make good money as an affiliate marketer – don’t sell stuff. Confused? Great. Here, click this link...One in every eight people who click the link register and I get $1.30 for every registration. So here is your first lesson – do find affiliate offers that don’t require selling but pay per lead that match the topic of your blog. Here are some other examples of what offers convert well on blogs similar to the one you are reading – how to turn $60 in $1000 flipping domain names and the list of low cost franchises (guess how much this one pays per registration – over six bucks, because it’s so specialized, and this one pays even more - $35). Another example of getting paid for not selling anything is this - I get $25 for every person who becomes a publisher or advertiser.

That's it isn't it? Write about a specialised topic and send your readers to a relevant Affiliate. So I'm wasting my time blogging about Nudies on the Metro. That story was picked up by one of the biggest blogs around - BoingBoing and 60,OOO tyrekickers came over to check it out - burning up a third of my monthly bandwidth allowance in two days - and only a handful of the bastards bothered to click on a Google Adsense spot.

Flogging the Blog

I'm seriously thinking of flogging this blog. Anyone want a slightly used, one-owner, low miles, only driven to church on Sunday blog? Oh yeah...that's the other thing. Google recently slapped me down from a PageRank5 to a PR3. Again I have no idea why. I have some very good backlinks - good enough to get me on the first page of Google all the time. And get this - I have two or three other Domain Names re-directing here. They have no content - they're just URLs. But they all have PR3. Work that out. Does it mean if I take off the redirect and give them their own sites the Pagerank of this Wallyworld site will go back up? Quite possibly. But I'm not holding my breath. Pagerank is a load of bollocks anyway. Backlinks...or should I say quality on-topic and preferably anchor-text backlinks are what count.


What else. I wrote about Stompernet on the Welcome page. In fact its an affiliate link. I found if you gave them your email they would do a Free Site Evaluation for you. And it's quite interesting what they give you. Only took about ten minutes for them to email me the report back too. But now I find every man and his dog is hammering me with his own Affiliate emails trying to get me to sign up. This has turned me right off it. And its the same bunch of jerks every time. Its like a Freemasons Lodge of Affiliate Marketers - they're all American, they all claim to have made millions off the internet, they all claim you can too. Just send money.

But the FREE Website Appraisal is worth a look. Just click through to their latest series of videos GoingNatural3 to StompernetSiteSeer. Especially if you know stuff-all about Making Money Online.

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