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How To Raise $100k To Record Your Album

Just send money
Interesting concept here from a young Australian muso. Clint Crighton wants people to help him raise $100k so he can record an indie album in the U.S.

Talking Moon Music are giving you the opportunity to get in at ground level on Clint Crighton’s first international CD release and be part of his career as a member of this record company. This is a ONE OFF and limited to 1000 members worldwide. For only $100 you will receive the following:

- Members will have the 1/1000 chance to be randomly selected for an all expenses paid 10 day journey to LA to witness part of the recording process as well as see the sites of LA including Hollywood, Santa Monica Beach, Sunset Strip and Universal Studios.

- Members will be apart of the creation of an independent record which will be marketed to the world (names will be printed on insert).

- Members will receive lifetime entry into all solo performances by Clint Crighton.

- Members will receive a signed CD prior to its official release.

- Members will receive a membership card for future use.

- Members are also encouraged to source out other emerging artists from around the globe and submit their material for future development.

- Once 100,000 copies of this album are sold world wide members will get their money back.

I wish him luck. So far only 22 people have pledged their dosh. But it's only the second day that the site has been up. This might be the future though. The Recording Industry have had it all their way for too long. What do you think?

More here at Talking Moon Music

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It had been a really hot day and I had slept through most of it. It must have been late in the afternoon. I was sleeping at my aunts flat. She worked and her kids were at school. Her husband was away. I didn’t want to be here when they got home so I thought I’d go to my friends place. I didn’t have a job and felt bad around my aunt when she got home from work and she’d ask me what I did today. I hadn’t had much luck lately. I’ve sort of been trying to get work for a while now but it’s tough. I just don’t have much experience and I can’t seem to get any interviews.

So I walked across the park towards my friend’s house. Under a tree near the lake in the park I saw some people sitting down. They called to me and waved me over. It was my cousin and his girlfriend. With them was a girl I knew from school days and my good friend Sammy. I knew them from school and hadn’t seen them for a while.

It was such a beautiful afternoon now and I had no real plans so I sat down and started talking. They were having a few drinks and they had some wine and beers and they had some snacks as well. It was a really good spot to be, the tree was giving us good shade and the view across the park was awesome. I spend so much time inside the flat it was good to get out for a while.

They offered me a drink and I said I had no money but they didn’t mind, so I had a cup of wine, which was nice. My cousin was drinking the beer but it I don’t like beer much. I had some chips they had bought and felt lucky I had such good friends. Sammy was talking about his job. He worked in the mines, two weeks on, one week off. He liked it but he wanted to get out of the mines and was going to do a course in geology. He really liked anything to do with the land and he had a great mind for it. He was complaining about the mining company a lot and how he would change things so the land would be preserved better from the pollution from the mining machinery. He told us some of the things that leak in to the river and I didn’t know what they were but I knew but the way he said it they were destroying the water and the life around the river.
We kept drinking and everyone was having a good time. I wished I could contribute some drinks and felt bad about that but they were good about it and said we help each other out, that’s what we do, if we don’t help each other we don’t have anything. I felt proud to know these people and I felt I belonged to something.

The girls wanted to go for a swim. We went to the lake and I took off my singlet and waded into the water in my shorts. The girls wore their shirts and shorts and my cousin Sammy wore his underpants only. He didn’t want to get his jeans wet. My cousin had a tennis ball and we threw it to each other and dived to catch it. The water was very warm but it was really good fun.

I saw a young girl walking her dog in the park and the dog ran straight into the lake and started swimming towards the ball. It was so funny, he really wanted to get the ball so we threw it to him and he caught it and all you could see was the dogs head and front legs paddling, but he was proud he got the ball and I could see he was smiling. We all cheered the dog as he made it to shore and shook off the water and dropped the ball and barked at it. The young girl was laughing and saying bad boy bad boy. She apologized to us and threw the ball back in the lake to us but the dog ran straight back in and got it. The girl must have been about 11 or 12. You could tell she wanted to have a swim in the lake, and she said is it safe to swim in there. It was only waste deep where we were and the girls said it was beautiful and she should come in. She said she shouldn’t but my cousin’s girlfriend said we’ll look after you. So she waded in slowly she was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. She was laughing and her dog swam to her and was barking and we all threw the ball around. Then the young girl seemed to be in too deep and she was finding it hard to stay up and she looked really scared and began to scream really loudly as though she was in shock. She was hysterical and her head was going under so Sammy swam over to her and carried her to the shore and picked her up and put her on the grass and she kept screaming and Sammy didn’t know what to do and he just kept saying it’s ok, you’re safe. But she kept screaming and the girls made their way to the shore to help the young girl then we heard a woman scream from across the park and the woman was running towards us yelling get off her, get off her and Sammy stood up and was in his underpants and went to put his jeans on and the woman was crazy, screaming, get away from my daughter, her face was red as she picked up her daughter and ran away.

The girls said to Sammy he did the right thing and could well have saved the girls life and the girl will tell the mother what happened he’ll be a hero and my cousin slapped Sammy on the back and said you’ll be a hero. We all laughed and were glad the girl was ok but I didn’t like the way the mother freaked out but that’s what mothers do.

We dried ourselves off and went back to the tree and had some more wine. Sammy was feeling bad and said he’d had enough off this country. Couldn’t take it any more and said that’s it, I’m going overseas to work.

Then we heard a siren and saw two police cars racing across the park to us. The sirens were so loud and we just sat there and the cars screamed right up to us and almost hit us and eight police got out of the cars and the young girls mother was in the car nodding her head and saying that’s him and pointing to Sammy. The girls said we’ve done nothing and Sammy looked at the ground. And the cops yelled put your hands up behind your head and we all did and the girls were yelling now saying leave him alone he’s saved her, he’s done nothing wrong and a policeman said all of you shut up and don’t move or speak. The cops went over to Sammy and put handcuffs on him and Sammy just looked at the ground and said nothing. Then a cop walked up to Sammy and hit him on the jaw with his elbow. It sounded like a crack and Sammy fell to the floor like jelly and the girls screamed and ran to Sammy and the cops tackled the girls to the ground and one cop had my cousins girlfriend on the ground and he knelt on top of her head and she went silent and my cousin ran to the cop to push him off her and another cop yelled knife and they shot my cousin and he turned sideways through the air and fell and coughed as he hit the ground. The other girl was crying and I went to my cousin to help him breathe. He was coughing and making gargling sounds. I knelt down and my cousin was crying and I knew he had no knife and I stood up and couldn’t take it any more and a cop said get away from him and put your hands behind your head and I said you fucking pigs he’s dying, there’s no knife, call an ambulance. And the cops just looked at me and pointed their guns at me and said put your hands behind your head and get down on your knees. And so I got on my knees and said please and started crying, call an ambulance, he’s my cousin. And a cop walked over to me kicked me hard in the ribs and I felt them break and I could not breathe and there was a painful sting and ache in my chest and I could not breathe in or out and I felt I was going to suffocate and I was rolling around the ground because the pain was too much but I could hear some screaming and the I saw the boots of the police and I could see the police car beyond them and I saw the young girls mother staring at me and then I ran out of breath and couldn’t get any air into my lungs and everything began to get darker and I had strange thoughts about the land where I grew up and I could see it from above and then I could feel myself lying on the land and it was like being asleep in bed and I felt like I blended into the earth.


It was another hot day. Even hotter than yesterday and things had been tough. It seemed like the whole town was drinking to escape the heat. I arrived at the station at nine and the sergeant said come with me and we went to a domestic. A guy had bashed his wife with a chair and his kids had knocked him down with a hammer and they were all fucked up and injured and screaming so we went in and knocked him down because he was drunk and could have gone mad. I had to restrain his kids because they were swearing at the sergeant. These people just get violent and I’m sick of it. Why should I risk my life just to protect these people from themselves. I can see trouble and violence coming now I been a cop for so long and I just take trouble out before it has a chance to hurt me.

Then we were called to a disturbance near a school. A guy was standing outside a shop next to the school yelling at the shopkeeper cos they wouldn’t serve him. He was drunk and getting violent and the fucking kids going into school were crying cos he was mad. My kids are in school and I was pissed at this guy. Why the fuck did he have to drink and do this next to a school. I’ve seen it before, they start like this then they get out a knife or something and we get hurt so we pulled up in the car and I didn’t want to go near him but the sergeant has had enough and walks up behind the guy who’s yelling into the shop why don’t you serve me I got money you bastards and the sergeant knocks him down bad and the guy keeps yelling from the ground and the sergeant lays into him bad and I go up and the kick him in the head cos he wouldn’t shut up and the sarge is in danger. The guy is knocked out and we cuff him but as we put the cuff on we see his arm is broken from the fall so we call an ambulance. Just another bad day and the guy stinks so bad it ‘s on our clothes and it smells in the car and it makes it hard to breathe.

These people just drink all day and where do they get the money. I can’t afford to drink. And they can and they don’t work. Gives me the shits.

So then later In the arvo we get a call form a woman who said her daughter was molested and attacked by a guy in park by the lake and he’s in his underpants and he tried to drown her and for fucks sake she’s only ten years old and the guys friends were cheering him on and she said they were drinking so we go to pick her up and the sarge is crazy mad and he sais he going to move his family to the city he’s had enough. Then we pick up the woman and another car arrives so there is eight of us and the mother tells us again what happened and she’s angry and crying for her daughter and her daughter is crying and soaking wet so we go to the park and she points to a tree and there they are sitting under it drinking, those fucking black cunts, bungs, coons, abos, Aborigines, Indigenous Australians. I’ve had enough every day they fucking drink and swear at us and fight and stink and they earn more than me and they don’t work. If I had no job I wouldn’t get half the welfare they get and it’s fucked. I used to give them a go but now I see what they do and I don’t care. It’s no point even sending them to prison, they get out and do it all again and we get the trouble now for using excessive restraint.

So the mother points to this abo and says he’s the one on top of her daughter in his under pants and I know him, he thinks he something cos he’s got a job but he’s out here getting drunk like all the others only he’s got more to spend on the beer. I can see they’re drunk and violent and so can the other boys so we get ready and I can feel trouble coming and I don’t want to get hurt but this guys gone for a child so he’s a danger and the sarge takes him down with his elbow, a good hit and his mates freak and the women whine and screech and one of our boys takes a woman down cos you can tell she’s gonna get nasty and one of the abos goes for the cop and I see him going to hurt our boy and I hear someone yell knife and I shot the abo and he’s down and another coon goes to help him and the sarge is saying kneel down and the fucking cunt starts yelling at us and we gotta get the situation under control so I kick him in the ribs and he’s weak and I feel his ribs crack bad and I’ve seen this before and I know his lung is punctured from it. So now they are under control and I know they won’t hurt us. Then the sarge calls an ambulance and the ambulance boys turn up and they give us bad looks when they see those coons lying there. Who the fuck are they to judge us. We’re the ones protecting the people. Fuck them.

So the coroner comes down on us and the big boys suspend us and the newspapers are full of talk of an inquest but I seen it before. Shit. It’ll blow over when some drunk Abo will drive into a little girl or set a house on fire and accidentally burn their own family whilst drunk and then I’ll get my job back.

June 11, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterNolan Angell

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