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HEINZ Exotic Soup commercial

Mr & Mrs Average
HEINZ has been going since 1867 with its "57 varieties" and the great slogan Beanz Meanz FARTZ...I mean HEINZ. But you really got to wonder what's cooking at HEINZ when they start dishing up print advertisements like this Exotic Soup campaign. This first one is innocuous enough - a Fifties-looking couple eating Chinese chicken & sweetcorn soup on their laps (whilst presumedly watching television). And instead of a cat or a dog they have an ugly-assed lizard in the basket (and knowing the Chinese, perhaps that's part of the soup too). The copy reads "For the slightly more adventurous". It wouldn't make me rush out and buy HEINZ Exotic Soup. We don't even see the product. But...whatever. Go here for a bigger picture.

But then...then they go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like...ah hang on...then they go and spoil it all by following up with this even more out there ad. 231239-1520813-thumbnail.jpg
After the soup...the keys
Again with the Fifties look. But this time "For the slightly more adventurous" takes on another meaning - Soup and Sex à la key party - I can dig it. And check the soup! Malaysian Laksa? Don't think so. Looks more like something the lizard in the first spot has barfed up. And red wine with Laksa? Come on. Has to be beer. Here it is on the big screen. The culprits are DDB Melbourne - "we are not a traditional agency". Yes we can see that. You've brought a whole new meaning to the 57 Varieties haven't you? Maybe the tag should be HEINZ MEANZ KEY PARTY. BTW I don't mean to be picky...but I count at least a dozen keys in the bowl.

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