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Trailer Trash Condos

Hey look at this! You ever seen anything like that? Me neither. Pretty classy for a low-class trailer park huh. 231239-1505561-thumbnail.jpg
Highrise Trailer Trash?
Yeah, well...it's a set. Yep, a set for a play. Specifically the Dutch outdoor theatre Bostheater in Amsterdam. Designed by Catherina Scholten for the 2005 production of Anton Chekhov’s Ivanov, his early play about a disillusioned young intellectual who commits suicide. Apparently this image has been going around the net tagged as Redneck Mansion. Here's another (out of focus) shot showing the audience. You reckon half of them are smoking reefers? And does the show go on if it's raining? Do they mic the actors?231239-1505570-thumbnail.jpg

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