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Guaranteed #1 Position on Google For Your Video

Traffic Geyser

Launch Videos With One Click - www.TrafficGeyser.com

I've been touting this program for awhile and now they're about to launch a new and more powerful version. And I believe you will still be able to test-drive it for a dollar.

Just Google my post Getting Videos to Top of Google - it's at #1 here in France up against 216 Million entries. Or go straight to the page here - Getting Videos to Top of Google

This is an absolute Bullshit program - and I mean that in a good way. Check it out. They also have a series of free vids on what equipment to use - I use a $1000 Canon HV20 - and editing programs - I'm on Apple iMac and FinalCutPro.

You'll see that on one vid I made I got 6/10 placings on the first page of Google - 1 through 6. I've since taken some of those videos down but Google still has me listed on the top three or four under the keywords "Sydney Harbour Cruise"..."Sydney Harbour Cruise Video"..."Sydney Harbour Virtual Reality Video". I did this for a Sydney Harbour Cruise company. Can you see the value in that? Not only are the videos showing up under those specific keywords but they are also showing up under generic keywords. It's even better if you do a search by clicking on the "video" category at the top-left of the Google Search page.

Like I said - a bullshit program. Especially for niche advertising. Very powerful if you're trying to get top listing for, say, "Plumber New York", or something like that. You need to cover all the bases with your keywords - make a heap of videos under specific keyword titles. So instead of just having one video titled "Plumber New York" you could make a series - still using the same footage but changing the file name and changing the title - and you could have a bunch of different titles like "Hot Water Plumber New York"..."Emergency Plumber New York"..."Cheapest Plumber in New York"..."Gas Heating Specialist New York" - whatever.

And these vids stick. I've had the "Sydney Harbour Virtual Reality" ones up for nearly a year. Cool eh? The 30 Day Free Trial is here

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