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Baz Luhrmann's Tourism Australia Billabong Ad

Here's the first ad in a new $40 Million dollar Australia Tourism campaign featuring spots produced by Baz Luhrmann, the Aussie Director famous for Moulin Rouge and others fillums. You may recall the kerfuffle over the previous campaign Where the Bloody Hell Are You? which was a PR success but a fizzer at actually motivating people to travel Downunder. The prime Japanese market in particular couldn't get its head around that bloody stupid slogan.

So this is what we get for $40 Million. Another fizzer in my opinion. Luhrmann says he's trying to connect "emotionally" with his audience in this campaign. Works for me. I found it laughable. It starts with New York skyline footage with some bloke saying over the phone to his squeeze "Look, I just think we need a break". Then at 13 seconds in we get a close-up of what appears to be dogshit on a rainy sidewalk. Then some sheila whinging about a cock-up in her publishing job. And its all downhill from there. Worst part...and the part that had me laughing...was the pathetic line superimposed on the screen "She arrived as Mrs Mathieson, Executive VP of Sales and she departed as Kate". Yeah right. Knowing Australians, and particularly Outback Australians, she would have arrived as one half of "The Yanks" and left as "Those bloody stupid Yanks".

The Second Ad in the Australia Tourism Ad Campaign "Boab" is even more naff with the superimposed tag "He arrived as Mr Lee, Assistant Finance Manager...He departed as Lee Ming"

Somehow I think the outback Aussies would have had much more fun with that guy's name. It would have been more like "He arrived as Mister Lee, Assistant Finance Manager...he departed as Mister Wong.

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