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Sarah "Six-Pack" Palin Nude Portrait

This is the notorious portrait of a Naked Sarah Palin hanging in a Chicago bar. Full story here - Dive bar scores hit with Nude Sarah Palin If the link is down or overwhelmed it basically says "she’s the subject of a nude portrait, unveiled Thursday and drawing crowds to the Old Town Ale House on Chicago’s North Side.

The portrait fits right in at the ale house, a dark and famously dingy bar frequented by Second City performers and crew, whose walls are adorned with more than 200 paintings of bar regulars and well-known Chicagoans, often engaged in various sexual acts. The Palin portrait has quickly become the bar’s star attraction, drawing a steady stream of picture-snapping admirers. According to the hand behind this and the rest of the paintings, former golf hustler and bar co-owner Bruce Elliott, his latest piece is even pulling in regulars from rival establishments.

The idea for the painting came to him a week earlier when he noticed his daughter Grace, who works behind the bar, was performing an uncanny Sarah Palin impression.

Elliott employed his daughter as the model for Palin’s body and drew on photo references to depict her from the neck up. While many women might cringe at the idea of posing nude for their fathers, Grace proudly informs gawkers that they’re staring at her body up on the wall.

Elliott, who says he’s pulling for Barack Obama in the election, worked on the portrait for seven to eight hours a day for a week. While the piece qualifies as a quick grab for attention, it’s also very much the creation of someone immersed in the coverage of Palin, whom he refers to as “a real nasty piece of work” while also admitting feeling attracted to her.

The Smirk

"I wanted to get that smirk she does in the magazines and I just kind of drew it and drew it until it came together," he said. "That smirk says ‘I was the town whore in high school and look where I’ve gone.’"

The Shoes

"I think Maureen Dowd mentioned that she wore harlot red stiletto heels," he said. "I had to get those in."

The Rifle

"I wanted to draw the most awful-looking gun ever," she said. "She’s really into hunting. If I could give her a bazooka, I would."

The Moose

"The moose is there because it realizes she’s going to turn around and blow his brains out," he said.

The Rug

"The polar bear is there because she doesn’t believe in global warming and the polar bear will go extinct because of it," he said. "I thought it was a nice touch."

Apparently the bar is drawing quite a crowd. My guess is the portrait will be copied around the world - especially if she and her running mate, Angry McCain get in. In that case will the last person in America please turn out the lights.

BTW the prudish Chicago Tribune has a story with a censored photograph of the portrait and is conducting a poll on whether it is offensive or not. Last time I looked 60% of respondents did indeed find it offensive with 40% saying it was not offensive.

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Reader Comments (2)

Cool.... If you get a minute check out my URL... Keep up the good work....
October 6, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterDelorumrex
Good! The more offensive the portrait is, the better. Palin has set her own self up to be the object of ridicule and scorn. She is reaping what she has sown.
February 9, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLinda

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