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Tom Cruise On Scientology

L. Ron Hubbard

Tom Cruise On Scientology

Ground Control to Major Tom

Have a look at this. It's part of a four-year-old video of Tom Cruise waxing lyrical about Scientology. The whole nine minute clip has just been leaked on the internet and the Scientologists are already going apeshit and threatening to sue anyone who posts this. Fuck that. I reckon it falls under "fair comment".

It comes at a time when Andrew Morton's unauthorised book on Cruise has been published. He claims in the book that Major Tom is 2IC - second in command of the Church of Scientology. Apparently he's, as the Scientologists say, KSW - Keeping Scientology Working

If you want more of Cruise's rave have a look at the full vid on Gawker.com

Being a Scientologist, when you drive past an accident, it's not like anyone else. As you drive past, you know you have to do something about it, because you know you're the only one that can really help

Ah right Tom...right.

Tom Cruise On Scientology

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Reader Comments (3)

In my opinion, he is a deluded wanker in a world full of deluded wankers. I mean, what about the Muslims that want to kill the infidels - like the Bali Bombers, or anyone who thinks that praying to their imaginary diety will cancel out their bad deeds, or even the football fans that want to fight the fans of their opposing team? They are all nuts, and we are all indulging in completely irrational behaviour all the time.

Yep, Tom's crazy and so are we.
January 17, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMichael D
if a bus load of scientologists drive past an accident his statement doesn't make much sense does it?
January 17, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJacques
I dunno. Why begrudge anyone's success, or what they attribute their success to? Are people that jealous about him that they have to tear him down?

And, remember Tom on TV? Wouldn't it be nice if we all were so thrilled and so in love with our significant others that we too could publicly proclaim it to the world?

If you can't do that, then why is that? And what are you doing about it?
January 19, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterjust passing by

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