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Risk-Free Profits of Over 10% - Betting on Elections

Risk-Free Profits on a Two-Horse Race.gif

Risk-Free Profits of Over 10%

- Arbitage Betting on the Upcoming Australian Federal Election.

Wanna make a few quid? Stanford University Political Science Professor Simon Jackman reckons there's some great opportunities to make some easy money at the moment arbitrage betting on the looming Australian Federal Election particularly in the seat-by-seat markets. He's been publishing a daily arbitrage summary , tracking profit opportunities on a day-by-day basis. He's claiming, at times there are risk-free profits of over 10% to be made. He explains arbitrage betting thus -

For the uninitiated, arbitrage opportunities open up in sports betting in a pretty simple way. Let's assume we're talking about a two-horse race (say, Labor vs Liberal in a particular House of Reps seat), and we've got at least two bookies offering prices. It is entirely possible that the prices offered by bookie A on Labor more than cover your risk in taking the Liberals with bookie B (and vice-versa). In such a situation, you've got a risk-free profit opportunity.

Read the full report here at The Bulletin. Take note of Simon's caveat -

Before you start (or continue) down the road of arbitrage sports betting, remember that not all bookies are paying the winning party in the seat-by-seat candidates, but rather, the identity of the winning candidate (so death, disendorsement, etc are risks not just to the candidates, but also to the unwary punter). Also, all the arbitrage examples described above are premised on the "two-horse race" assumption: a minor party candidate or an independent getting up isn't contemplated in the calculations above. So there is still some risk here; caveat emptor.

Risk-Free profits of over 10% Betting on the Australian Federal Election

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