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Helmsley Trouble

Helmsley and Trouble
Helmsley Trouble - sounds like a character in a television soap doesn't it? You probably heard that Leona Helmsley, the miserable old New York real estate queen, bought the farm last month leaving the bulk of her estate to her mutt Trouble - $12million bucks - or rather a $12 million trust fund. Yeah buys a lot of dog biscuits - poor little rich bitch. Her brother picked up $15 million, two grandchildren scored $10 million each and another two got zip - “for reasons that are known to them” as Helmsley said her will. Helmsley's husband Harry left her an estimated $5 billion on his death in 1997.

But now a former housekeeper has come out of the woodwork saying she's gonna sue poor little 8 year old Trouble, the Maltese Terrier. That's right - she's putting together a suit that claims Trouble bit her dozens of times when she worked for Helmsley in 2004. Turns out the housekeeper tried to put the bite on Helmsley before but was unsuccessful.

Helmsley was in trouble herself a few years back and served 18 months in the slammer for tax evasion. The charges stemmed from work done on a 21-room $11 million mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut that the Helmsleys planned on using as a retreat after some renovations. Turns out they weren't too keen on paying the contractor's $8 million bill though and were taken to court. During the proceedings it came out that most of the work was being billed to the Helmsleys' hotels as business expenses.

The Helmsleys made their fortune in the hotel industry, building the Helmsley Palace on Madison Avenue, Park Lane Hotel, the New York Helmsley Hotel and hotels in Florida and other states. They also owned 230 Park Avenue, the Empire State Building and the Tudor City apartment complex on the East Side of Manhattan.

How the hell is one little eight year old dog gonna spend twelve million bucks? On pussy? Sorry, cheap shot...couldn't resist it. Hmmm. Yep, I reckon this would make a great soap. And I have the perfect name for it - Helmsley Trouble.

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