Vanessa Hudgens High School Musical In The Raw
Tuesday, September 11, 2007 at 03:54PM
Malcolm Lambe

Vanessa Hudgens nude photos taken for her boyfriend Zac Efron have been leaked reports the National Enquirer. Pictures Vanessa took of herself naked and intended only for High School Musical co-star and real-life boyfriend Zac Efron have surfaced on the net.

The Enquirer reports "Vanessa's only 18, so she had no idea how her flirtatious act could threaten the future of the multimillion-dollar plans Disney has for the show,...She just wanted to keep Zac interested."

Apparently Disney is not amused. High School Musical is a kids show starring a bunch of cute, wholesome youngsters. And naked pictures of one of the stars was not part of the marketing-mix.

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