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Noelia Goes Off The Richter!

231239-905690-thumbnail.jpgThe Internet moves in strange and mysterious ways. Forty Two days ago I posted a video on YouTube and DailyMotion about Noelia - the Puerto Rican singer. And no...it wasn't that tape. The YouTube one's had 413,000 views and the Daily Motion's had 44,000 views. But I'm still getting heaps of traffic from it. I noticed Noelia is still second on the Technorati search list but what's going on here? Is it just that the rest of the world is catching up to the bloggers? I would have thought this Noelia b/s would have died down by now - to be replaced by the latest Latin exposé video - Johanna Cardona. It's all becoming a bit of a yawn really. The TammyNYP cellphone video started it all. Ah well...who's next?

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