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Diana Lives On In Paris

Dumb & Dumber
From the Associated Press comes reports of a Frenchman wanting to erect a statue to Princess Diana above the Pont de L'Alma tunnel on the paris Right bank. It's the 10th anniversary of her death tomorrow.

Dominique de Fontenay says he thinks about Diana every day as he passes through the Pont d'Alma traffic tunnel where she died in a car crash, and he is always struck by the lack of a monument.

De Fontenay has teamed up with a jeweler and sculptor, Xavier de Fraissinette and sketched out ideas for a bronze statue of a suit-clad Diana reaching out to a small child holding a bouquet.

Uh oh...I know Paris is the cheese capital of the world but this is beginning to smell like that awful sculpture of Diana and Dodi that el Fayed erected in his Harrods Store in London. That's it up there on the top left. Stupid-bloody-Fayed is still banging on about the accident being a deliberate hit ordered by the Establishment. Right...I guess they paid the bodyguard to make sure no-one was wearing a seat-belt too. Devilishly clever that.

...about 150 people have donated a total of $9,500, the two said. Building the statue will require $240,000.

I think about that crash every time I drive through the tunnel too. It's hard to see how it could have happened. It's a straight stretch of road and even if you were doing 120k or whatever they reckon the Benz was doing you should be able to negotiate that road easily. Something has definitely happened - that's for sure. Either they've been cut off or a car has stopped abruptly in front of them. And of course only one of the occupants was wearing a seat-belt - the minder (and why wasn't he doing his job properly you wonder?).

My wife had colleagues working in the emergency room that night and she says if they'd been able to locate the perforated heart vessel sooner they would have saved here. As it was they had to cut her chest open and manually massage her heart for an hour - unheard of with lesser mortals.

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