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Wanda Nara

Wanda Nara
You looking for Wanda? Look she was here a minute ago , she's just wandered off. The video of Wanda Nara? Ah don't worry about it. I'm not even going to point you to it. Just a beat-up. An Argentinian beat-up. Doesn't deserve to be top of Technorati Search. Check out these Fantastic Chopper Tattoo Designs! instead.

There's some ripped videos of Wanda Nara on YouTube but they're just spots of her in an Argentinian television show. The naughty video's out there. I've seen it. Trust me it's rubbish. Although it's a pretty decent flagpole I must admit. Fair play to the guy. Whoever he is. But really...haven't we seen enough of these celebrity sex tapes? Tammy, Britney, Pammy, Noelia, Paris - it goes on and on. I say enough is enough. Normal programming will return shortly.

Oh alright. Who is this Wanda Nara? Well apparently her claim to fame is that she went out with Maradona - the football player. Here, I'll let Wikipedia explain it. Although its translated from the Spanish so it's a bit wacky.

A model from the three years of age. They were, according to her, its parents the creators of its early debut in the footbridge. It began being an infantile model. During his adolescence he was transferred to professional parades. He made debut in theater like actress and vedette in the summer season 2005/2006, the work Humor in Safekeeping, next to Beatriz Salomón, Pato Galván and Gabriela Mandato.
By the end of February of 2006 jumped to the fame after rumors of a romance of few days with Diego Armando Maradona who she herself confirmed, although the soccer player has denied it.
She is well-known for being a model that supposedly was virgin, since at the beginning of May of 2007 she it confessed that it had desvirgado myself with his fiancè when was interviewed by Susana Gimenez, Magazine Man 3 and Jorge 4 Guinzburg .
In the summer season 2006/2007 also he was in theater. In 2007 he speculated on myself that enters the house of Great Famous Brother 2007 5 6, that began to emit the 13 of May of that year, but in the end it signed with another one reality show, Sliding by Sueño.
This competition began the 9 of August of 2007, falling during the first finery in the heat of skating 7.

So that's what all the fuss is about. Now here's the Wanda Nara Video

Here's a link to her Maxim photos if you're still looking for more. And you might even be titillated by this Sex - a Workshop manual - definitely Not Safe for Work.

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