I want to tell you something about my mate Fingers
Saturday, August 18, 2007 at 09:51PM
Malcolm Lambe
girl.gifgirl.gifgirl.gifI've got a mate in Australia...well I've got several as it happens...not surprising really seeing as though I am Australian myself. Anyway, this mate Fingers is a great mate. Staunch. One of the funniest chaps I've had the pleasure to...well I was going to say meet but we've never actually met. Not in the flesh that is. There's been a meeting of the minds but we've never sat down and spun the bull while we got legless on 12 schooners of beer or whatever. Anyway (again)...this really good mate that I've never met except in the blogosphere is a very funny writer. I'm not sure that he doesn't make a lot of it up but it's funny stuff. In the vein of Charles Buckowski's "Tales of a Dirty Old Man" .
Fingers is a forty-something Foreign Exchange Dealer - you know the type - pacing the floor with three telephones, chain-smoking whilst watching ten monitors. And yet he finds time to blog. So here we go. Toddle off and check out Fingers blog "The Whine Guide" - it's well naughty so if you're a recovering sexaholic or a Pentacostal minister or something - maybe its not for you. But the rest of you might find it quite the article. I know I do. Here's a sample -
I have about one hundred pornographic DVDs !!! They are so revolting that I’m embarassed to keep them in my apartment, so they’re stored in the wine cellar, along with the Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignons. The wine is mine; the DVDs are not.
About a year ago, I came home to find a package on my doorstep. Without bothering to check the details, I carried the large box into my apartment and opened it. To my utter delight the box was filled to the brim with pornographic DVDs. To my complete dismay, as I perused the inventory, every single DVD was either ‘foot porn’, ‘granny porn’, ‘hairy beaver porn’ or ‘tranny porn’.
To the best of my knowledge, I hadn’t ordered these items.
A quick check of the invoice attached to this festering fetish festival, sent from Delaware, USA, indicated that my neighbour had ordered the stuff. I know this man as Roger B. His wife is Catherine B. Nice couple…

Now read on if you dare...here at "The Whine Guide" under "I have something to tell you"

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