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How to Execute a Gorilla

That's part 1 and this is Part 2 -

The story began the way they all do: DATELINE: Virungas National Park: “IN EASTERN CONGO OASIS, BLOOD AMID THE GREENERY. In Africa's Oldest National Park, Gorillas Are Being Killed and Their Guardians Are Endangered, Too.”

Published July 22, 2007, it was yet “another gorilla murdered” story. This time it was the Washington Post, and one more “news” feature that invents the desired reality and runs cover for fortunes lost and found in Central Africa.

“They heard the gunshots around 3 p.m., at least two pops that echoed across the green mountains of this vast park tangled up in vines, fallen trees and years of war. The park rangers knew immediately what it was… This time it was Ribinga… the rangers found her hulking, lifeless body, her 2-month-old baby, barely alive, was still clinging to her chest.”

While pulling on our heart strings for this one gorilla, the Washington Post has manufactured yet another public relations piece for the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, for Conservation International, for Wildlife Direct, and for all the other self-perpetuating western institutions—for USAID and multinational corporations—who are ripping off American and British taxpayers while exploiting and devastating Central Africa.

More here from this interesting story at Znet - you'll find after reading this through that things aren't always what they seem.
From Africa to China, the news headlines of Wednesday July 25—just three days after the front page Washington Post feature—screamed out that three more female mountain gorillas had been killed. Not just killed, executed. A fourth gorilla—a Silverback alpha male—was discovered dead later. By July 29, Newsweek—the Washington Post Corporation’s sister publication—had manufactured a major article. Some world news outlets declared “MASS GORILLA EXECUTION” suggesting that maybe hundreds of gorillas were dead.

“Mass Gorilla ‘Execution’ Discovered in Congo,” announced the National Geographic News. “Three female mountain gorillas were found shot dead this morning in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Virungas National Park.” There is a certain moral indignation expected from the public when someone is “executed”—it is the language that should be attached to human beings, but here it is attached to gorillas.

Photos on CNN and at least 100 web sites show the gorilla bodies displayed on stretchers, while seemingly appalled conservationists look on. More here at Znet. Politics again eh?

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