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Paris Hilton in iPhone/YouTube Spot

Yes campers...Paris in a cameo role in this new Apple iPhone/YouTube spot.

BTW it's pretty cool isn't it that new Apple iPhone? But having to put it into the shop just to get the battery changed - that sucks. And it's not cheap either - Ninety something dollars. So what do you do for a phone while its getting the battery replaced? And how long will it take? You know what they're like - a week ends up being ten days which ends up being "we're waiting on parts". I get the feeling this first iPhone is going to have a few bugs. I won't be rushing to buy one that's for sure. Have you checked out that offer in the side-bar? I think it's only for US Residents. Let me know if its Kosher will you? It's a new Affiliate I'm trying out and if it's not what it seems I'll pull it.

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