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Blonde Pickup

Is this another CANONHV20 Fodder for YouTube? No! It's Blonde Pickup! - a trailer for a Fifties grindhouse B-Grade flick that I've overdubbed.

Scalli is a gangster who manages women wrestlers as a front for his bookmaking, drug, and prostitution rackets. He trusts the wrong people and ends up trying to run away from both the police and mysterious mob boss Mr. Big, to whom he owes $35,000. This film features real-life wrestlers Peaches Page, Clara Mortensen (world champion wrestler), and Rita Martinez (champion of Mexico).

Hmmm...pity its not mud-wrestling or jelly-wrestling. BTW poor old Rita Martinez had her voice dubbed as it was deemed too Mexican-sounding. Personally I'd date Peaches Page just to be able to introduce her - "Hi everybody...this is Peaches Page".

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