Skyblog - Oui - Très Cool!
Wednesday, July 18, 2007 at 04:46PM
Malcolm Lambe

skyblog.PNG.pngOh now this is way cool. I hadn't heard of Skyblog before today. It's a French social-networking and blog platform site similar to Myspace. But for my money way cooler. And its already HUGE and getting bigger. Its part of the French Skyrock radio network which targets a young teen to mid twenties demographic. Skyblog has been going five years and originally was only available in French. But now they have an English version and it works just great. See for yourself - here's My Skyblog blog. Look at the stats - they have over Nine Million blogs. BTW did you like my Australian aboriginal art animated gif? Cool eh?

Skyblog has all the bells and whistles we've come to expect from these social-networking sites. But what I find attractive is I can post my YouTube videos here. And seeing as though one of my vids (on the new Paris Velib bikes) is currently featured on French YouTube it makes a lot of sense.

The Wikipedia article on Skyblog tells me its also very popular in Quebec, Switzerland, Belgium and other French-speaking communities. So maybe I'll pick up some Canucks, gnomes and serial-killers along the way.

231239-871878-thumbnail.jpg à bientôt, Malkie.

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