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CANON Fodder for YouTube

This video of mine was featured on YouTube today. Its part of a fiendish scheme to extract some CANON HV20 High Definition Video Cameras from CANON. Can you help us get some HDV cameras for some YouTubers? For starters: write a post in your blog about this and call it CANONHV20 Fodder for YouTube or make a video called CANONHV20 Fodder for YouTube and we'll see if we can get CANON's attention by doing a kind of "Googlebomb" (Google it).

I've started it by posting vids and writing CANONHV20 a lot - if you Google "CanonHV20" - you'll see I've got 6 listings on the first page alone. So we can probably do the same with "CANONHV20 fodder for YouTube".

13_421089.jpgGo on...give it a go! The fiendish plan is to get some HV20 HDV cameras out of CANON and give them to some other YouTubers for an online project. So first we need to get their attention in A BIG WAY.

I've shot 10 mins of footage on CANON HV20 and put it on a Pando file where you can download it. All you've got to do is use that footage - mash it and slash it - to make a 3 Min Movie of your own and post it as a Video Response. Then we'll include them in a presentation DVD we'll make for the final pitch.

Basically we'll be giving someone or several people (depending on how deep the sponsors pockets are) an HD camera and other gear (to keep) and we'll bring them into this project.

You don't need to be a YouTube Superstar to take part in this. You need to be able to use a digital video camera and be able to edit - or learn pretty quick. In fact, that's what this project is all about - learning how to use an HD camera and editing software.

Here's where to grab the Download....a .mov file FOR MAC USERS -

And there's an MP4 Download for PC USERS too.

You just need to open a free Pando account. Oh yeah...I use iMovie and Final Cut Pro on the Mac. I upload using H264 Compression but I find Sorenson is just as good. The footage was shot on a CANON HV20 HDV1080i under "Cine" mode at 25fps - just like film. It's 16:9 aspect ratio but I'm up loading at the YouTube recommended size of 320×240 (4:3 aspect ratio) and they "letterbox" it automatically. If you want to know more about "Compressions for YouTube" this is probably the definitive site here - http://www.squidoo.com/youtuberight

YouTube recommend these settings -
MPEG4 (Divx, Xvid) format (and QT H264)
320×240 resolution
MP3 audio
30 frames per second

I'll be updating this description regularly to keep you in the loop. I can't wait to see what you do with the footage. Go for it!

BTW have a look at how much crisper HD looks on Quicktime .mov file rather than Flash like on YouTube. I've posted this video here -

The Music Downloads from CalendarGirl and Darkroom - "April Days/Nights" are here at the Creative Commons site Calendar Songs

For Quicktime H264 Compression Settings...Read this - Compressing Videos for YouTube

And this site HDV for Complete Dopes is a resource of mine for High Definition Video Cameras and gear.

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