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High Dynamic Range Pics of Sydney Harbour by Michael Davies

Oh man...look at these absolutely gorgeous shots of Sydney harbour taken on a Canon Digital Camera and using the HDR process - bracketing your shots - shooting one underexposed, one at the proper exposure and one overexposed and then stitching them together using Tonal Mapping on the computer (as I understand it). These are from my mate Michael Davies - he's also a dab hand at Virtual Reality and Panoramic shots. Amazing thing is, he's only been at this a short while. Does it make you want to visit Australia?231239-910346-thumbnail.jpg231239-910348-thumbnail.jpg231239-910350-thumbnail.jpg744581712_5ee3e9788a-1.jpg231239-910353-thumbnail.jpg231239-910363-thumbnail.jpg725319775_48dc3c86c4.jpg

For more of these great shots from Michael and some technical details see his Flickr Photostream and be sure to leave a comment. BTW if you want to have a crack at this, go to Hdrsoft.com for their Photomatix software where you can Download a Free Trial Version. They say "If you have ever photographed a high contrast scene, you know that even the best exposure will typically have blown out highlights and flat shadows. Photomatix offers two ways to solve this problem:
* Exposure Blending: Merge differently exposed photographs into one image with increased dynamic range.
* Tone Mapping: Reveal highlight and shadow details in an HDR image created from multiple exposures. The tone mapped image is ready for printing while showing the complete dynamic range captured."
231239-910960-thumbnail.jpg There's also a terrific Tutorial on HDR techniques using Photomatix here at Vanilla Days.

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