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Noelia's Statement

Oh this is earth-shattering stuff. Puerto Rican singer come Sex Tape star, Noelia has put up a statement on a new site (a .tv 'cause it looks like someone beat her to her own name .com address). Here's a crappy Babelfish translation. To be read in a kind of West Side Story accent

Noelia-Comunicado UNICO Milan, Italy 27 of June

Moan to have much to say that the things that I have had to live days in the last are beside the point repugnant. The people who are involved in these lamentable facts, were to defend with which they can, to those monsters, I want to them to request that they look for God and that they can regret all the dirty things that have done to me. He is shameful which the husband of my breast says in television "we are waiting for it and we want" Es to it shameless one and I say the following thing to him,: Topy Mamery, single YOUR, my breast and God know that I say the truth and justice must arrive. You shame to me, it give pain me. That God pardons to you. To have robbed pieces of my privacy to try to shut up to me and to annihilate to me, is something despicable and low. To my single mother him desire that it looks for God, to the true God, the one of the truth, to the one of the love, to which it can everything and it leaves the darknesses. The people who have supported me in my life and my race I ask excuses to them by this disagreeable moment that are happening. Thanks for its support and messages of affection and love. For my it has been a blessing at the moment difficult, to shelter to me in my work, I do not deny to be sad at moments by all this, but the affection that receipt of people always manages to paint a smile in my face, for that reason, I continue walking, that God blesses them. To mass media I request respect, moderation and objectivity to them. Noelia

Respect, moderation and objectivity Right...right. Will do. You've certainly been objectified. Here's a link to the Sex Tapes - first link or this other one - my dopey IT guy has mixed them up. And you can check out this talented Latina here at her Official Site - there's an English Version as well. m_411259e7003079912f47354e9ea13b22.jpgHere she is on the cover of MAXIM and she has a MYSPACE page as well. I dunno...I think we've all been had with this a disgruntled boyfriend leaked this tape to the web bullshit. This is smelling more and more like a well-orchestrated P.R. campaign. I notice she's here in Paris next week for an interview - the French Paparazzi will hound her ass that's for sure. You know, every time I drive past the spot where Dodi and Diana came to grief (the underpass near Pont d'Alma) I wonder how it could have happened. That's a pretty straight stretch of road. I reckon I could hit it at Ninety Miles an Hour, no worries. Something's happened - that's for sure. And I wouldn't mind betting it's down to the paparazzi - a motorbike or car has somehow forced them off the road and into the pillar. They might have survived if they were wearing seat belts - the French are very cavalier about that. That and speeding - every bastard speeds - in fact they abuse you if you're driving on the Speed Limit. Hey...maybe I should get my new CanonHDV camera out and see if I can get some Paparazzi footage of my own. Now if I only knew where she was staying...

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Reader Comments (2)

In Puerto Rico everyone hates Noelia. She has no success as a singer. It has been confirmed that she released the sex tape herself for publicity. I feel sorry for her mother that is a very beloved puerto rican singer, Yolandita Monge.
July 9, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterB
Are those implants, or are they real?
July 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterNaturalGirlLover

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