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Asians Go Hysterical Over NOELIA

This is a video of Noelia - the Puerto Rican singer who is featured in a YOU KNOW WHAT TAPE going around the Internet at the moment. What's all the fuss about? Well it is full-frontal, completely naked, legs-wide-open s*x with a black man and it features A**L. The story is that the tape was posted on the internet by a disgruntled boyfriend. But happily it just coincides with a Noelia tour and the release of her first album in English. Anyone smell a set-up?

So that's the copy I wrote in English and then translated into Chinese (Cantonese) using this free service -

Certified Translators

这是Noelia录影-在当时在互联网四处走动的一卷核心部分性磁带以为特色的Puerto Rican歌手。 什么是所有忙乱? 很好它是充分前面的,完全地赤裸,腿宽打开性与一个很好垂悬的黑人,并且它以肛门为特色。 故事是磁带在互联网被张贴了由一个不悦的男朋友。 但它与Noelia游览和她的第一个册页发行愉快地相符用英语。 任何人嗅到设定?

And then I checked it - "This was the Noelia video recording - in at that time a volume core part magnetic tape which took a walk in all directions in the Internet thinks characteristic Puerto the Rican singer. What is all flustered? Very good it is full front, completely naked, the leg width opens the nature the black who very good hangs with one, and it take the anus as the characteristic. The story was the magnetic tape has been posted in the Internet by a disgruntled boyfriend. But it tallies happily with the Noelia tour and her first album release uses English. Anybody smells the hypothesis?"

Got that? "It take the anus as the characteristic. Anybody smells the hypothesis?"
Now let's see what the Japanese translation throws up shall we? So here's the same copy translated into Japanese -

これはNoeliaのビデオ-インターネットを今行き渡るハードコアの性テープで特色になるPuerto Ricanの歌手である。 約all the空騒ぎは何であるか。 よくそれは完全正面、完全に露出した、足広開けるよ掛けられた黒人男性が付いている性をであり肛門を特色にする。 物語はテープがむっとしたボーイフレンドによってインターネットで掲示されたことである。 しかし幸福にそれは英語の彼女の最初アルバムのNoelia旅行そして解放とちょうど一致する。 だれでも組み立てをかぐか。

And reading it back we get - "This the video of Noelia - Internet is the singer of Puerto Rican which with the characteristic tape of the hard core which now spreads becomes the feature. Is approximately all the great fuss about nothing what? The complete front, it exposed that well completely, foot wide you open, it is the characteristic where the black man who was applied has been attached and the anus is designated as the feature. The story is to be posted with Internet by the boyfriend whom the tape will be angry. But that matches Noelia travelling and release of her first album of English happily exactly. With who assembly [gu]?"

"it is the characteristic where the black man who was applied has been attached and the anus is designated as the feature". Exactly. My point entirely.

Now let's have a crack at the Koreans shall we? -

이것은 Noelia의 영상 - 인터넷을 바로 지금 돌아가는 핵심 성 테이프에서 특색지어지는 Puerto Rican 가수이다. 대략 모든 소란은 무엇인가? 잘 그것은 가득 차있 정면, 완전하게 적나라한, 다리 넓 연다 잘 걸린 흑인과 가진 성을 이고 항문을 특색짓는다. 이야기는 테이프가 언짢은 남자 친구에 의해 인터넷에 배치되었다 이다. 그러나 행복하게 그것은 영어로 그녀의 첫번째 앨범의 Noelia 투어 그리고 방출로 다만 투합한다. 누군가는 체제를 냄새맡는가?

And back into Engrish (stet)

"This Noelia images - peculiarity is Puerto Rican singers who come to come from the core characteristic tape which goes back the Internet rightly now. Are the approximately all riots what? It the car [iss] the front, completely well full, it was naked, the leg [nelp] it opens and the anus with the black who is caught well the characteristic which it has and peculiarity it makes. Talk the tape freezes and [ccanh] in compliance with the boyfriend it was arranged in the Internet. Happily but, it only coincides with Noelia tour and an emission of her first album with English. The troublesome army song sniff a setup?"

WTF? "The troublesome army song sniff a setup?" Blimey...I hope the paid version of this translation service does a better job otherwise God-Only-Knows what you could be writing to your business associates in the East.

"Dear Mr Wu, I look forward to getting together with you after the A.N.A. meeting and we can talk business" is likely to be transcribed as -

"Mr Wu Dearest, I really want to f**k you in the bum after hours and we can talk dirty".

Certified Translators

Oh yeah...nearly forgot the link to The Tape. It's either this first link or this other one - my dopey IT guy has mixed them up but never mind. You'll find what you want on either of those links. Definitely NSFW. Is approximately all the great fuss about nothing what? Cheerio campers, Lambe, Paris.

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