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WTF Technorati?

Yeah...that's right...Technorati launches WTF and would have us believe it means Where's The Fire? Yeah right. But it's good to see they have a sense of humour. Even their Chief Executive - that Techno Guru and Man about the Blogosphere David Sifry has written it up on his blog - Sifry Talks Shit (STS for short) - sorry Dave...couldn't help myself. And there's an interesting thing - he's asks us to submit topics to STD...uh...I mean WTF and he brings up Paris Hilton - which is fair enough because people still seem to be fascinated with what she had for breakfast - or more lately what she supposedly left in a storage space. I don't believe any of it, incidentally. I think it a clever (or underhanded) publicity stunt. And I note you can access the so-called pay-to-view site for free via a link on Digg. But that's not what I want to bring up on WTF. It's the other bimbo that Sifry mentions - Tammy NYP - WTF happened to her? Now that's a real mystery. Remember how she crashed Technorati for a day or so? That was unbelievable. Sifry even admitted to me that they had to delete her to get Technorati to work again. I was in on that madness. I was getting insane figures for weeks. 100,000 hits or something - all looking for Tammy babe. And they're still coming. A hundred frustrated Asians(I presume) teenagers a day all still Desperately Searching for Tammy. So where is she and what happened to her? I've got no idea. But I note if you search for TammyNYP at YouTube the first video up is one I made ages ago Tammy NYP's Unmade Bed - that one's had thousands of hits on Vimeo and GooTube. But it still doesn't answer the question - Who/What/Where is TammyNYP?

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