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Tahiti Surf & Black Pearl

Tahiti Surf and Black Pearl-thumbnail.jpg
Tahitian Black Pearl Farm
Have a look at this absolutely gorgeous, fantastic, inspiring site from Josh Humbert, a Tahitian Black Pearl farmer reviewed over at my Tahiti Surf site. I've just spent an hour reading up on Black Pearl and dreaming of the tropics. The funny thing about this site is that nowhere is there any product for sale. I don't understand it. He whets your appetite for some Tahitian Black Pearl and then doesn't show you where to get it. There's not even a Google Adsense ad. But it makes for a great site. Don't miss the video he's posted about life and work on a Tahitian Tuamotu black pearl farm as well!

BTW off topic but Josh shares the same surname as the protagonist in Vladimir Nabokov's "Lolita" - Humbert Humbert - "a scholar of French literature, born in 1910 in Paris, and raised in his father's Riviera hotel after his young mother is killed in a way the narrator describes in an offhand, parenthetical manner: "(picnic, lightning)". Humbert is tormented by a passion for what he calls "nymphets" (sexually desirable but very young girls), which he postulates was set in motion by his failure to consummate an affair with a childhood seaside sweetheart.

After a failed marriage, Humbert leaves Paris for New York shortly before the start of World War II, during which he writes a textbook of French literature. After the War, he moves to Ramsdale, a small New England town, to write. He rents a room in the home of Charlotte Haze, a widow, but only after first seeing her twelve-year-old daughter Dolores (Dolly, Lolita, Lola, Lo, L) sunbathing in the garden. Humbert is instantly besotted by her, and does anything to be near her, including putting up with her mother, whom he dislikes.

Charlotte becomes his unwitting pawn in his quest to make Lolita a part of his living fantasy. When Mrs. Haze drives Lolita off to summer camp, she leaves an ultimatum for Humbert, saying that he must marry her (for she has fallen madly in love with him) or move out. Humbert chooses the former for the sole reason of making Lolita his stepdaughter, intending to use heavy sedatives on both her and her mother so he can molest Lolita in her sleep, although we never learn specifically what he plans to do.
- from Wikipedia

The original Stanley Kubrick directed 1962 Lolita with James Mason, Shelley Winters and Peter Sellers is much better than the remakes.

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