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PlentyofFish - The King of Adsense Shows Us Round His Castle

PlentyofFish founder-thumbnail.jpg
Markus Frind
Ever wondered what an Adsense Millionaire looks like? One word - geeky. PlentyofFish founder Markus Frind is interviewed on camera as he wanders around his Million Dollar empire - still based in his Vancouver apartment and shows us the servers that power his free dating site PlentyofFish.com that earns him $10,000 a day from Google Adsense. Yes...a day. This is a promotional video made by his hosts Kraft...I mean Peer1.com -

"Google Adsense millionaire Markus Frind, founder of PlentyofFish was a database and web developer who graduated from college in 1999 with a diploma in computer science. This was also the time of the dot-com meltdown. Jumping from job-to-job, Markus began developing a home-grown site to help himself learn ASP.net. Rather than buy a book, he learned by adding new functions and features to the site. He also started experimenting with search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and incorporating them into the site. Gradually, it morphed quite unintentionally into an online dating center. The site has continued growing astronomically ever since and is now the No. 1 free online dating site in the world, averaging 8 million unique visitors per month. His bank account has grown fatter as well thanks to the Google ads he runs on the site. He has also garnered international attention, including being featured in the Wall Street Journal and on the Today Show.

What makes Markus’ story even more incredible is that he is the sole operator of the company who wears all the hats – Executive, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Business Development, and Customer Service. He operates PlentyofFish out of PEER 1’s data center location in Vancouver, Canada with just one web server, one mail server, and two database servers. Most sites with his volume run servers numbering in the hundreds and its Markus efficient use of human resources and hardware that he is most proud of. He also seems to relish in his unlikely status as the online ‘love doctor’ and seeing the hundreds of thousands of people he has helped to connect successfully using his unique ‘compatibility predictor’ algorithm. And there are, no doubt, countless interesting and amusing PlentyofFish inspired stories out there."

More here at PlentyofFish - Mate or Date

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