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Crap Christmas Presents

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Crap Christmas present

Crap Christmas presents

Two years ago in a rude section of this blog I wrote -

"One year my maiden aunt gave everyone in my family - a towel, a cake of cheap soap and a tube of Sensodyne toothpaste. You work it out...I can't. I have a strange family."

and it went to the top of Google for Crap Christmas Presents. What I wrote wasn't particularly interesting or funny but it provoked an hilarious anecdote from my Aussie Forex Dealer blogging mate fingers -

I had some friends in Tokyo, recently married, who were one of those couples that always had to tell you how much they paid for shit in their house. In 1998, as a XMAS present, I got them a hideous, hideous, hideous copper sculpture of a dolphin. It cost me $12 from Tokyo Copperart, but I doctored up a fake certificate of authenticity on my PC, which claimed the horrible thing was a limited edition piece by a famous Italian artist...

More here at "Shoot the Shit" and more of Monsieur fingers bullshit stories here at his blog The Whine Guide

Crap Christmas presents

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