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The Top Ten Fads of 2007

Poker is Hot!

Hot in 07

- The Top Ten Fads

Lycos50 have just posted their Hot List for the past year. And surprise, surprise Poker took the top spot.

Rupert Murdoch looks to have made a very shrewd buy with Myspace still popular and holding down second place - for the second year in a row. Facebook is snapping at their heels back at number five and making the list for the first time. Facebook has 58 million users against MySpace's 200 million accounts.

YouTube is in third place of course.

So here they are - the top fads of 2007 according to Lycos50 -

#1 Poker

#2 MySpace

#3 YouTube

#4 Runescape

#5 Facebook

#6 Harry Potter

#7 South Beach Diet

#8 Webkinz

#9 The Sims

#10 Neopets

The Top Ten Fads of 2007

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