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Georgina Bloomberg & The 20 "Most Intriguing" Billionaire Heiresses

georgina Bloomberg-thumbnail.jpg
Georgina Bloomberg
Georgina Bloomberg is amongst the $20 billion babies on Forbes list of the 20 Most Intriguing Billionaire Heiresses who "defy the stereotype of the bon-bon popping princess thanks to achievements in business, sports and the arts" - Forbes says. Crikey, what a beat-up!

"Though society and gossip columns track them like Hollywood starlets, these women distinguish themselves by exhibiting the tenacity and risk-taking that makes their parents the most powerful people on Earth" they gush.

"Under 40 and hailing from around the world, the heiresses are ranked according to their father's or mother's most recent net worth on either Forbes' World's Billionaires list, the Forbes 400 list of the Richest Americans or Forbes Asia's 40 Richest Indians"

So who's Tops of the Pops on this dopey Forbes List? Vanisha Mittal come on down you lucky bitch! Daughter of Indian-born, London-based steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, Forbes estimates his net worth at $51 billion.

"Like her brother, Vanisha is active in her father's industrial empire, holding a seat on Mittal Steel's board after interning in the business."

Yeah yeah...I'm sure that's a hard gig but what's her main claim to fame? - the $60 million wedding her father threw her and 1,000 of their closest friends in 2005 in Paris. Kylie Minogue played at the end of the week-long orgy of conspicuous consumption. Not exactly Saving the Rainforest is it?

Number two on the hit-list - Delphine Arnault Gancia, daughter of France's Bernard Arnault ($26 billion), who runs the Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton luxury goods empire. Delphine is the first babe to have been named a director on the LVMH board. Apparently that's intriguing to Forbes.

#3 is Marta Ortega Perez, the youngest of Spain's richest hombré, Amancio Ortega ($24 billion clams). He's the rag-trade mogul whose company Inditex holds the Zara fashion chain among its assets. "Marta is being groomed to succeed her father, and she's learning the how-to's of retail by working the floor,stocking shelves and assisting customers in some of the family's stores." says Forbes, making it sound like she's running a soup-kitchen for the Calcutta slums or something.

Then we have Hind Hariri, the youngest child of construction tycoon-turned Lebo Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. He bought the farm two years ago in a car bombing so his kids split his $3 Billion fortune. "Despite the tragic circumstances of her father's death, Hind graduated last year from the Lebanese American University in Beirut undeterred from politics. She campaigned for her brother Saad in his recent successful bid for a seat in Lebanon's Parliament." Forbes informs us, although again I don't know what's so intriguing about that.

"Two heiresses on the list are vying for spots on America's 2008 Olympic team for show jumping". Bugger me - now that's truly something. Exactly what the world needs - more show-jumping heiresses. Both Georgina Bloomberg, daughter of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg ($11.5 billion), and Paige Johnson, daughter of Black Entertainment Television founders Robert ($1 billion) and Sheila Johnson, are world-class jumpers or show-ponies...or something. Intriguing n'est-ce pas?

More of the intrique - Allison Sarofim, daughter of Houston investor Fayez Shalaby Sarofim, is a classically-trained chef and wannabe actress. The so-called "Downtown Doyenne" transformed her townhouse in Manhattan's West Village into a pseudo-salon for her legendary soirées (slumber parties in her basement, burgers and champagne inside a Moroccan tent erected in her attic)." Geeze campers - isn't that fab! Burgers and Champagne inside a Berber tent! And that's defying the stereotype of the bon-bon popping princess is it?

"Anna Getty, niece of Gordon Getty and stepdaughter of John Paul Getty III, is a former actress turned yoga guru." GROAN "She now runs PureStyle Living, purveyors of instructional yoga DVDs and other eco-friendly gear.". I love the way Forbes has written that - "purveyors of instructional yoga DVDs" meaning she's probably flogging yoga vids on late-night telly and the net.

Georgina Bloomberg Josie Ho-thumbnail.jpg
Josie Ho
Is that 20 yet? I don't know whether I can take much more of this shit. Ah hang on...here comes another heirhead - "Equally accessible: Josie Ho Chiu Yi, daughter of one of Hong Kong's richest men Stanley Ho ($7 billion). Josie Ho, as she's known to fans.....woah...hang on...pull up right there! Josie Ho? You're kidding me right?...is an indie rocker with several films and commercials to her credit. She even dishes on the often-unglamorous details of her gigs on her blog JosieHo.com

The Ruskies are represented by Anna Anisimova daughter of Russian metals mogul Vassily Anisimov ($2 billion). "The paparazzi's favorite bicoastal It Girl of the moment". Least I think it said it. She overwhelmed us all two years ago by forking out $23 million to buy Diane Von Furstenberg's downtown Manhattan headquarters. And lately she's robbed the piggybank to buy a 4,000-square-foot pad in the new Time Warner Center.

More here at Forbes

Georgina Bloomberg & the 20 Most Intriquing Billionaire Heiresses.

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