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See Paris and Di

Benz endz
Click to blow up Di. Yeah completely tasteless of me I know. Couldn't help myself. It was just such a folly - such a complete and utter waste of a good Benz....I mean a good Princess. Seriously though, I drive through this tunnel all the time and I still can't work out how the driver managed to lose control and put it into the pillar. Its a straight section of road with a dip in it and even if he were doing 160ks or so its hard to see how he lost it. Its like he's been forced off the road. Because even if he'd swerved for a photographer's car or bike cutting in front, how on earth did he manage to drive smack into the column? Look at the car - he's gone straight in. He hasn't just swiped the thing. Unless of course he had a heart attack or something - but that didn't show up in the autopsy.

Some evidence suggests that the Benz clipped the rear of a Fiat Uno just before going into the underpass. Tyre tracks recorded at the scene show the Mercedes going left, then right, then left again before crashing into the 13th pillar of the tunnel at 60-70 miles per hour (100-120 kph). And of course the mystery Fiat (driven by The Prince of Wales?) has never been found.

So its still just conjecture what exactly happened. We know the rest of it - they were too long getting her out, too slow to get her to hospital, there was no specialist team on standby, they were concentrating on her more obvious injuries and missed the ruptured heart artery and then when they did find it went into her chest sideways instead of full frontal. And then of course they desperately tried to save her by massaging her heart by hand for forty minutes or so and it was too late.

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