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Medical Marijuana Tainted

Medical Marijuana.gifMedical Marijuana - Is that a joint in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

From Associated Press comes this dopey story -

SAN FRANCISCO — Federal agents said they shut down a factory that made marijuana-laced barbecue sauce, chocolate-covered pretzels and other "enhanced" snacks intended for medical users of the drug.

The Drug Enforcement Administration said it arrested three people and was looking for a fourth who operated Oakland-based Tainted Inc.

Agents also seized 460 marijuana plants and other laced products including candy bars, cookies, marshmallow pies, ice cream, peanut butter, jelly, energy drinks and "Rice Krispy treats".

Tainted Inc. was launched by Michael Martin, 33, of El Sobrante as a small operation that made laced chocolate truffles. When it was raided Wednesday, the company was shipping products to medical marijuana dispensaries throughout California and in Seattle; Vancouver, British Columbia; and Amsterdam.

Authorities said the operation also had ties to Los Angeles pot clubs and believe it has ordered four tons of chocolate over the past two years to make marijuana-laced candy.

The raids of the factory and four Bay Area houses came after a two-year investigation and growing police concern that the legalization of medicinal marijuana in several states has caused a proliferation of large-scale marijuana-lacing operations.

Laced snacks are often more potent and longer lasting than smoked marijuana. Federal authorities contend that marijuana is an illegal drug, no matter how it used or who uses it, and they don't honor the state laws.

Several people who ran a marijuana-lacing operation called Beyond Bomb that produced such products as Stoney Rancher, Rasta Reese's and Keef Kat pleaded guilty this year in Oakland federal court to marijuana charges. Beyond Bomb's founder Kenneth Affolter was sentenced to nearly six years in prison.

"These items could have harmful effects on a user, especially the unsuspecting ones," DEA agent Javier Pena said. "We will continue to shut down these production lines, one marijuana-candy factory at a time."

I first saw this on the inappropriately-named U.S. Government website PushingBack - "making the drug problem smaller".

Between the lines

Meanwhile, Downunder in Orstraya, Kylie Minoque's old squeeze Jason Donovan has just released the tell-all book of his Cocaine Addiction called Between the Lines - my story uncut - which deserves to sell heaps just from that title alone. He may have flicked the habit just in time. The price of cocaine in the U.S has soared thanks to new anti-smuggling initiatives by both the Columbian and Mexican governments. A gram of pure cocaine cost $118.70 from April to June, up 24 percent from the $95.89 reported for the previous three months.

Mexico has deployed more than 20,000 soldiers and federal police agents in regions plagued by drug violence since the new Mexican President Calderon took office last year and extradited several high-level traffickers to the U.S.

About 90 percent of cocaine in the U.S. enters through Mexico, with much of it originating in Colombia.

Poor old Jason Donovan - he just can't cut it. There's a Cheesy Video at Amazon of the formers Neighbours character Scott wanking on about his life, skiting about the starlets he's shagged and telling us he hopes he's kept a sense of humour along the line and saying It's a good book - so buy it. I think I'll wait for the un-cut version.

Medical Marijuana Tainted

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