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Affiliate Elite | The Art of War

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Affiliate Elite - The Art of War

Affiliate Elite

- I 've been writing elsewhere about Affiliate Elite the new reverse Google engineering software program from Brad Callen - the master of search engine optimization. This is really going to rattle the cage. Check out what it can do -

Affiliate Elite Projects

Here's A Quick List of the Projects You Get In Affiliate Elite...

Project #1 - Find Profitable Affiliate Products To Promote - Instantly gain access to the entire Clickbank and PayDotCom databases complete with performance statistics.

Project #2 - Reverse Google Search - type in any website and you'll get their keyword lists and what keywords they are listed on Google's organic results for.

Project #3 - Analyze Adwords Competition - take your new keyword list, pull out the best keywords, run this project, and Affiliate Elite finds all of the advertisers, their ads and their landing pages for each keyword you request.

Project #4 - Find Super Affiliates - Use the Merchant IDs of the top websites for your niche found in Project #1 and find out who their affiliates are...with their contact information.
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Affiliate Elite screenshot
I'll have the program here on November 6 and I'll be showing you in Video Tutorials exactly how to employ it. Reserve yours NOW at the special introductory price - Affiliate Elite

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Reader Comments (1)

yes its a really cool piece of software.. I was lucky to get a copy and have been testing it... its cool, I use a lot of other niche research tools and compared results and the figures were slightly off, however the other features were really cool..

project 4 is incredible, I mean it really puts information right in front of you that you need to decide to who JV with or who you would like to approach to help you with your product

project 2 and 3 are pretty much keyword research features, finding who is bidding on what keywords and how their ads are doing and how long they have been running their ads.. etc

overall good tool to use, and if anything is shortens the usual research processes that affiliate marketers go through in researching products, competition and partnerships
November 2, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterRoy Sencio

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