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Chopper Ringtones

Chopper Ringtones? While you're at it Grab Some Chopper Tattoo Designs!

You know about Chopper? Well now you can have him on your phone. How f%*king good's that! Check it out. Or not. I couldn't give a rat's arse. Oh yeah...and if you wanna talk to the c%*t, go to his fucking site - it's very funny. This guy spent 23 years in the nick. And had his ears chopped off into the bargain. There's only one Chopper.

This is quite funny - I watched the YouTube video of the Ronnie Johns Show - the Aussie comedy program and I thought The real Chopper should put ringtones on his site so I contacted him early January and suggested it. He wrote back "Sounds good ...how the fuck do I do it" and I told him how he could make his own but so far he hasn't done it. Silly billy. So now I've done it - 231239-993853-thumbnail.jpg
Chopper Ringtone for Wallyworld
Chopper Ringtone for Wallyworld
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Mobilized By Myxer

BTW here are some Fantastic Chopper Tattoo Designs!

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