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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sex?

I wonder if YouTube will let this through? It's bound to be flagged by some nutty American Christian Fundamentalist group. Definitely Not Safe for Work brother. The music Mind Field - DJBLUE is from the Creative Commons site Mixter where you can happily download, share, mash or use the music as a soundtrack. Neat eh?

Update: Well, it happened. YouTube have taken it down. After eighty three views. But I notice they leave Girls on Heat and hard-core violent clips up. That's O.K. I guess - 'cause you can't see any penises. And this video of mine did have inter-racial avatar sex and a black man with a large schlong in it. Never mind. I've put it up ("put it up" ha ha) here at File Factory You can Download for free or start an account. Look for the Download in the middle of the page amongst all the frigging Google ads. Not as convenient as streaming - but whatya do? Unless I can send it to some other video-sharing site. Later...Voila! The French site Daily Motion let me do it. No worries! Leave me a comment will you please? You think this pornographic? Or Funny? Sick? Depraved? What?

Further Update this smutty little number (well I find it funny, myself) has had 823 views on Daily Motion in something like Nine Hours! Bewdy! Now if I could just take a buck off every one of them.

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