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Cheesy Hungarian Goulash

Have a look at this. If the link works for you, that is. I've only managed to see it once. abalatoninyar.fw.hu What's it about? Hungary's tourism authority, Magyar Turizmus new marketing campaign is designed, it says, to attract young people to the land of goulash.

The animated commercial, for the Lake Balaton region, begins with a young bloke (presumably a tourist) giving a local babe the eye across a crowded bar. There's a close-up of the man's watch in fast-forward. Then the couple in a rowboat. Suddenly the gorgeous one's bikini top takes a hike and the fella, whose eyebrows have been doing the Hungarian Rhapsody, makes with a sleazy "how about it?" look.

Before long they are at it - a bit of the old in-out "avec gusto" or whatever the Hungarian equivalent is. Luckily some lakeside reeds get in the way before it becomes too Volga (yes I know that's in Russia).

Finally, he and she are lying side-by-side in the boat, post-coitus. She has pink hearts pulsating from both eyes; he is looking dead dodgey and it's no wonder. Turns out he's married! Shock horror. We see him hiding his wedding ring under the sheet. In the last frame he's doing a runner in a convertible. Alone. Poor bastard.

What are they trying to say here? Something like "Come to Hungary and shag the local girls" (Just be careful to hide your wedding ring).

And do you think the "a balaton in yar" deliberate? Does "fw" mean "for women"? "hu" I get - "hung".

Great ad. Not.

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Reader Comments (1)

Yeh, I got to see it, twice, unfortunately, because I did not know the button at the end meant "play", not "share", and I did not get an opportunity to share it, to get others' considered opinions ;-P
September 14, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterClaire Pedersen

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