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Hamburger America

burgers.pdfHere's a movie dedicated to the All-American hamburger or rather, the All-American hamburger joint. The criteria the filmaker used was that the joint needed to be family-run, have been in business for at least forty years and use fresh beef rather than frozen patties. It's just under an hour long and was shot last year on a digital camera by independent Brooklyn filmmaker, George Motz.

After checking out fifty such establishments across the country, George settled for just eight. They range from Solly's in Milwaukee which specialises in burgers served with a dollop of butter on top to The Wheel Inn Drive-In in Sedakia, Mo which is famous for its Guberburger - a burger made with peanut-butter. In between we have deep-fried burgers from Dyers in Memphis, chilli-burgers from The Bobcat Bite on the old Route 66 and gen-u-ine Texas Longhorn burgers from the Meers Store in Oklahoma.

Check out the trailer, photos and press clippings here - hamburgeramerica

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