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Is this the new Rocketboom babe?

joanne-colan-thumb.jpgThe Huffington Post is saying that this girl, Joanne Colan is the new face of Rocketboom. Although they also report that Andrew Baron will neither confirm nor deny this. If this is a beat-up Huffington Post is going to look pretty stupid.

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Reader Comments (2)

I heard a vicious rumor that Amanda was considering doing an all naked version on something called Rocketbum?

Of course it is just a rumor, adn Amanda will not tell me if there is any truth to it.. but we can all hope can't we?

(Talk about Boom or Bust!)!)!
July 9, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterDeRex
mmmmmm rocketbum
mmmm Amanda
July 10, 2006 | Unregistered Commentermushroom

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