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Andrew Baron - loose cannons and Rocketboom

This is a rather poor-quality clip I just got off YouTube. From a guy who was at Eli Singer's CaseCamp. BTW...have you ever seen a guy use his hands so much? Check it out. He's saying Amanda walked. That they were still negotiating. That he didn't "fire" her. Bizarre. I'm beginning to think it's pretty unprofessional what they are doing. Still, it's entertaining. Andrew says in the video that the Traffic has gone through the Stratosphere. He also says that he reckons Rocketboom will be back on air Monday, one way or the other and that the show will become even better. We'll see. Maybe he could solve his problems by pulling on a blond wig and doing the show himself. Be a laugh, anyway. We should dare him. Hey Andrew Baron! We dare you to go on camera in drag and do Amanda's gig. In fact...we double-dare you!Well now...that's an interesting turn of events...the video was taken down. Apparently Andrew Baron saw it and asked that it be removed. One of the things Andrew's saying in this vid is that the world has taken Amanda's side because she is the face of Rocketboom. He's being painted as the "evil businessman" and he realises there's not a lot he can do about it. He says he's refrained posting a reply to Amanda on his own blog. He says he's written a few posts but hasn't made them public. He doesn't want to add fuel to the fire, as it were.

Leesa Barnes from podonomicsexplored was at the same CaseCamp. Here's what she has to say -

"Last night, I attended CaseCamp. Very cool event organized by Eli Singer. It was a packed room and I had a chance to share a case study on a Podcast Gone Bad.

The last speaker of the evening was Andrew Baron of Rocketboom. I first met him at the iSummit conference back in March.

I tell you, Andrew doesn't have an evil bone in him. He has this child-like innocence that makes you just want to hug him for days. He reminds me of a teddy bear, only way less plump and not at all fuzzy.

Of course, he summed up what happened between him and Amanda. I think it was a therapy session, to be honest. He didn't paint her in a bad light, on the contrary, he took responsibility for what happened and said it was like a marriage that had gone downhill.

At the end of the day, Andrew has taken the high road in all this. He never once painted Amanda in a bad light, never posted email communications on his blog, nor did he use Rocketboom as an opportunity to make the other party look bad.

His only regret is that he didn't speak up sooner. He said that blogosphere is painting him as the evil business guy who cut costs by cutting his host. He said that Rocketboom was prepared to move the production team to Los Angeles, but that their newly acquired business partner advised them that due to costs, they should stay put in New York.

Some suggestions from the audience on what Rocketboom should do on Monday morning:
Andrew become the host
Bring in a celebrity
Do "The Best of Amanda"
Poke fun at themselves by dressing Andrew up as the "evil business guy"
Interview several hosts over the next few weeks and get the viewers to vote on their favourite

Andrew did say that he's working on an angle, but the best thing he can do is not share it. That made the audience laugh in hysterics.

At this point, his main concern is not selling ad space for Monday's show so he can make a ton of cash (this is what one audience member suggested he do). Instead, Andrew's only goal at this point is to address the feelings of the Rocketboom fans. And if anything, that's one thing that Andrew knows really, really well."

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So there's still a copy on YouTube.
July 9, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterTaz

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