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Boom or Bust?

Well, well, well - three holes in the ground. Who'd a thought it? Amanda gets the flick from a show that is...well it's her isn't it? It's Rocketboom with Amanda Condom...sorry Congdon. What are they gonna do now? Re-invent the brand? Is it now gonna be Rocketboom with Amanda's Clone? What a completely stupid dumbass move from this Andrew Whatsisface. You could write the book on this - How to destroy your brand and alienate your customer base in one easy lesson


images.jpgI don't think Amanda will have much trouble finding another gig. In fact she could start her own Rocketboom. Better still she could come over to my proggie ROCKETBUM - walk in walk out. I was getting sick of putting the makeup on anyway. And Amanda...at Rocketbum you can swear and everything.

Do me a favour will ya? Nip over to Amanda's blog amandaunboomed.com and leave her this message - "Dear Amanda, Malkie says there's a vacancy over at ROCKETBUM and he'll give you 50%. Says you can cuss and everything. Do you speak French? You'll be based in Paris".

Gee they were just starting to flog some ads and they had that new Jetset proggie and all. What a dumb move. I bet we see a spike in Rocketboom's Traffic and then a big falloff as the punters follow Amanda across to Rocketboom Unplugged - ROCKETBUM (with added swearing and naughtiness)

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