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The Poms go Surfing - Cowabunga!

LB - Teahupoo
I've just read a story in todays The Guardian about the explosion of surfing in the U.K. - well if you can call paddling out in freezing cold water on a foam piece-of-shit longboard to catch 2ft foamies "surfing", that's what they're doing. There's nothing new in the article - it's the usual beat-up by a junior journalist who's never been anywhere near the surf and has seemingly got most of his information from Google. He says there's such a thing as surf rage and gosh it's absolutely frightful what those surfie chappies are doing to each other. Dig this -

"In Australia, surf rage has led to mass brawls. Even surf legends such as Nat Young have been beaten up for daring to visit certain breaks."

Good one, Guardian, you bozos. The mass brawl at Cronulla a few months ago had nothing whatsoever to do with the surf - it was a cultural clash between (mostly) Lebanese guys and locals and it was precipitated by the beating up of two young Surf Lifesavers - not "surfers", Surf Lifesavers - "lifeguards" by said Lebbo thugs.

And Nat Young wasn't "beaten up for daring to visit certain breaks" - he had an altercation in the surf with another surfer at his home break Angourie which led to his being pounded by the guy's Father on the beach (King Hit from behind).

The rest of the Guardian's insight into the state of play in the Pommie surf can be found here, for what it's worth - Guardian surf beat-up231239-395613-thumbnail.jpg
Pommy surf

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