Hey Rocketboom - it's Monday already
Monday, July 10, 2006 at 10:41AM
Malcolm Lambe

rocketboom stats.pdfLatest screen shot of Alexa's Traffic graph for Rocketboom.

What's happening at Rocketboom? Have the protagonists kissed and made up? Doubtful. Is there really a hottie coming across from MTV Europe? Do we care? You betcha. I'd really like to know how many hits Rocketboom is getting - wouldn't you? Given, that on a good day they were getting anything up to 1 Million. So I figure they must be getting at least double that. I'd be dumping some Google Adsense on there at least. 'Cause, you know, that guy over at PlentyofFish gets 15 Million hits a day and reckons he's making $10,000 a day off Adsense. So if you take that as a guide does it mean that Rocketboom could conceivably be pulling in a couple of thousand dollars a day in Adsense Revenue? At the very least, they should be updating the message. Tsk Tsk Andrew. People are saying it's a bit cold and impersonal - a bit corporate - not warm and fuzzy like a vlog should be perhaps.

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