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Flog Your Blog

thumb_top_tips_93x57.jpgHere's the scoop on scoopt - a way to sell your blog content.

Scoopt launched in July 2005. They were the world's first commercial citizen journalism photography agency, set up to sell newsworthy photographs taken by members of the public to the world's press.

They are now launching ScooptWords to offer the same deal to bloggers. "We strongly believe that many bloggers produce content as good as or better than what already appears in newspapers and magazines. But they're not getting published and they're not getting paid. We aim to change all that."

Some intersting figures they quote - "59% of print journalists who won Pulitzer Prizes never studied journalism";
75% of broadcast journalists who won DuPont Awards never studied journalism;
58% of journalists awarded Nieman Fellowships never studied journalism, and;
51% of journalists awarded Knight Fellowships at Stanford University never studied journalism.

ScooptWords take 50% for the first sale and 25% for subsequent sales. They say the initial high charge is to offset the cost of registering an account, processing a one-off transaction and covering fees levied for currency exchange etc.

But 50%? - that's a bit rich isn't it? What if you happen to take a piccie of Prince Charles coming out of a beat doing up his fly or something? That would be worth a lot of money.

And payment sounds dodgey, as well - "You get paid as soon as possible. We bill the buyer immediately a sale is made. We request payment within 30 days. Payment is by PayPal."

Hmmm...for 50% commission I'd expect to be paid on publication. But I've joined. Let's see what happens. They mention a button to put on your site but I can't see the fucker anywhere.

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Reader Comments (1)

Hi - once you log into the members area of Scoopt, go to your Profile page. There you'll find the code you need to paste into your sidebar. Good luck with it. Email me if you have any problems.
June 6, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterGraham

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