Tasmania's Clearfell phase-out a sham
Friday, June 30, 2006 at 11:50AM
Malcolm Lambe

"El Grande"
From a report dated 3 May 2006 from The Wilderness Society

"The Government’s $4-million promise to phase out clearfelling has been rendered meaningless by devious use of statistics, definitions and spin, according to The Wilderness Society. The Wilderness Society was responding to government claims that it is making good progress in phasing out clearfelling.

“The Government is simply replacing one form of clearfelling with another,” said The Wilderness Society’s Tasmanian Campaign Coordinator, Geoff Law. “Forestry Tasmania will continue to clearfell the forests but leave small clumps of trees left standing.”

“These isolated clumps will suffer damage from burns, wind, disease and drying out.”

“Even this change – paltry though it is – will occur in only 5% of forests clearfelled. It will be business as usual in 95% of forests clearfelled.”

“People will still see massive clearfells across the landscape. Our skies each autumn will still be clouded by smoke from regeneration burns.”

More here - Wilderness.org.au

Read all about John Howard's broken promises here - "My government will...blah blah blah" Lying little, baldheaded, snivelling douchebag that he is. (Sorry...had to slip that in)

The photo is of El Grande which at 79M height and 20M girth had been the biggest tree (Eucalyptus regnans) in Australia until the bastard loggers killed it in 2003. 400 years old for fucks sake!

If Forestry Tasmania can’t look after one tree, how can they be trusted to care for the state’s magnificent forests? Scandalous!

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