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Emmalina - the Tasmanian Tiger

Seeing as though we're in Tasmania I suppose we have to mention Emmalina - the 18 year old attention-seeking (some say prickteasing) YouTube star with the cute face and body to die for (thanks to good genes and Yoga).

This video ("A dance and talk about professional porn VS amateur") has attracted over 472,000 hits putting her in YouTube's Most Subscribed list after only three months on the site. Hot stuff.

Apparently she spends about 20 minutes a week on her videos, and the same amount of time editing them (and about 200 hours looking in the mirror, it seems). She uses Youtube for her videos because she says "I hate ads on the internet. I just find them obstructive and invasive. You can't even browse through some sites without seeing some naked girl". She also takes a stand on pornography as you'll see in the video above. Which is pretty rich coming from her as she shakes her butt at the camera and tags her entry with "dance dancing music cute girls emmalina porn amateur cam whores." Who do you think's gonna be chasing those tags?

When asked if she hoped her videos would lead to an acting gig or a reality show she replied "No, as you've seen, I'm 'talentless' in the field of entertainment as a lot of video bloggers are. My talent is more written than spoken. I would never dream of landing an acting gig - I'm studying I.T. at the moment and also have strong interests in writing, photography and psychology (my college major)."

Yeah right...we believe you. Don't know about talentless - 472,000 Hits can't all be from wankers and jealous girls.

She has a pretty nice blog here - at Live Journal and it appears she's a tree-hugger so I can excuse her narcissistic tendencies. And I love the way she told some local reporters to piss off because she'd already been outed at The Sydney Morning Herald three weeks ago.

"I'm just a typical teenage girl" she says. Hmmmm. I think we'll be seeing more of this girl. Maybe we should enlist her help in the Save the Gay Leatherwood Honey Bee campaign. Tie her to a tree or something (sorry Emmalina).

And some pretty interesting comments from this sexy blog - something about Emmalina liking Scat - Sugarbank.com

...and a video of the last Tasmanian Tiger - Zoo footage from 1933 (died 1936) - 4-legged Tassie Tiger

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Reader Comments (2)

I take it that is scat and not as in the vocal style??
July 3, 2006 | Unregistered Commentermushroom
I'm Emmalinas best friend and when she got hacked, the nudes people stole... she was only 13 in some of them. The rest were all still under 16. Paedophiles.
March 24, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJenn

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