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Sidekick Thieves Get Just Deserves


231239-371455-thumbnail.jpg Ah-ha...here we go. The Sidekick saga comes to an end. That's Evan on the left there BTW. You been following this? Here's my original story on it - Sidekick Thief The New York Times has picked up the story and the Gomez Family of Corona, Queens comes out looking pretty trashy -

"Dirty Harry had his .44. Sherlock Holmes had his brain.

Evan Guttman's quest to find a friend's lost cellphone resulted in the arrest of a 16-year-old.
Mr. Guttman's Sidekick Page
Evan Guttman had his computer, the Web and a few thousand people he had never met. That was enough.

Three weeks ago, Mr. Guttman went on a quest to retrieve a friend's lost cellphone, a quest that has now ended with the arrest of a 16-year-old on charges of possessing the missing gadget, a Sidekick model with a built-in camera that sells for as much as $350. But before the teenager was arrested, she was humiliated by Mr. Guttman in front of untold thousands of people on the Web, an updated version of the elaborate public shamings common in centuries past.

The tale began when Mr. Guttman's best friend Ivanna left her cellphone in a taxicab, like thousands of others before her. After Ivanna got a new Sidekick, she logged on to her account — and was confronted by pictures of an unfamiliar young woman and her family, along with the young woman's America Online screen name."

More - Sidekick Saga

The Sidekick Sisters vid I posted on YouTube has had 3500 Hits in a week. See it here - Sidekick Sisters dancing

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