James Blunt - you're beautiful, man.
Thursday, June 22, 2006 at 10:12AM
Malcolm Lambe

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It seems to be fashionable these days to take the piss out of James Blunt. I'm a bit guilty of it myself having used a few bars of his "You're beautiful" in this video. But let me "go on the record" as they say. I like Blunt's music. First time I heard "You're Beautiful" I knew it was going to be huge. It's catchy. I'm pretty much sick of hearing it now - although the unplugged version is good. But if all those wankers having a shot at Blunt knew the story behind his success they might think again. Bet you don't know who his producer is, for one thing. You probably think he's been mixed in some mainstream hit-factory. Wrong. He's produced by Linda Perry. Who's she? Remember the 92 hit "What's Up" and her band Four Non-Blondes? Perry has street cred, Dude. She's a tattoed lesbian, biker, freelance singer/songwriter/producer from L.A. She's the one behind Pink's huge hit Get the Party Started, Christine Aguilera's Beautiful, Gwen Stefani's What you Waiting For? and has worked with Courtney Love, Robbie Williams, Sugababes, Dixie Chicks, Fischerspooner, Ziggy Marley etc etc.

On a visit to London in 2003 dopey EMI asked her to listen to some Blunt demos they didn't know what to do with. Blunt had already been rejected by every major label in the U.K. and U.S. The dumb fucks. They couldn't see it. Or more precisely - they couldn't hear it. Perry could. Straight away. She put him back into the studio with Tom Rothrock and then hawked the record to the same labels again. And again they passed. Fucking idiots. So she released him herself as the first talent on her own label Custard then talked East West (a division of Warner Music) to take him on. The rest, as they say, is history - Back to Bedlam - the fourth biggest debut album ever. As she said to the labels that passed on Blunt "You got to be kidding me! I'm telling you this guy's gonna be huge!". Hah hah hah dumbfuck major labels! Take that one up your date. And you too, Blunt-bashers.

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