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Top All-Time Shaggers

231239-353591-thumbnail.jpgTo screw around or not to screw around - that is the question. Ask Charlie Sheen.

"Charlie Sheen has slept with a lot of women, enough for let's say, "Two and a Half Men."

The sitcom star lands on Maxim magazine's Top 10 "Living Sex Legends" list having allegedly done the deed with 5,000 women.

Sheen, 40, is currently going through a messy divorce with one of those ladies, wife-actress Denise Richards. Among the many reasons -- drug use, alcoholism, violence -- she's divorcing the horndog is his constant infidelity, addiction to what appears to be underage porn and frequent dealings with prostitutes. Hey, if you have to pay them to sleep with you, doesn't that invalidate your total number of conquests?

Surprisingly, the top lothario isn't anyone rich or famous (until now) at all. The men's magazine claims that lowly Venetian hotel porter Umberto Billo has charmed 8,000 women to his bed. "They crossed oceans to see me," he boasts. While guest satisfaction is the randy Italian's trademark, his work ethic isn't. Maxim reports that he has been fired after getting it on took precedence over his paid duties.

"Sometimes he was too exhausted to carry the guests' luggage," says his ex-boss.

Nevertheless, he still can't touch the late Wilt Chamberlain's title: 20,000 women.

The full Top 10 list of "Living Sex Legends" follows:

10. Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones bassist) - 1,000
9. Earvin (Magic) Johnson (basketball star) - 1,000
8. Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead frontman) - 1,200
7. Jack Nicholson (actor) - 2,000
6. Ilie Nastase (tennis star) - 2,500
5. Engelbert Humperdinck (singer) - 3,000
4. Julio Iglesias (singer) - 3,000
3. Gene Simmons (Kiss frontman) - 4,600
2. Charlie Sheen (actor) - 5,000
1. Umberto Billo (Venetian hotel porter) - 8,000

From www.zap2it.com

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