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Big Brother is watching (your job application)

dinky.gifYou know those glamorous shots of you ralphing into a bucket at the all-you-can-take chew&spew fest? Or the comments you made about how much coke you put up your hooter over the weekend? Thought it was just your online buddies reading it, huh? Think again cowboy - potential employers are not only Googling your sad name...but they're checking out your Myspace account and everything you say at "Shoot the Shit" here, for all we know (the spiders crawl these threads).

"All good things must come to an end, including the chance to post lascivious photographs and diary entries on the Internet without repercussions. A generation that has come of age with blogging, Webcams and social networking sites is waking up to the fact that would-be employers are looking over their shoulders — and adjusting their job offers.

Alan Finder reported in The Times last week that companies have moved from putting applicants' names through Google to checking sites like Facebook and MySpace. There are ethical concerns about corporate officers snooping through registration-only sites designed for students. But the first order of business is for the indiscreet to think twice."


"Fingers" and I don't give a bugger, but all you twenty-something geeks might have cause for concern. Try Googling your online name, for starters.

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Reader Comments (1)

oh god. if this happens to me...well...i believe i am totally fucked. totally.
June 21, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterjungle_jane

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