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Making Money Online with Entropia Universe

231239-328964-thumbnail.jpgAttention all you geeks and nerds. Want to make money online? Here's how (maybe).

What is the Entropia Universe?

"The Entropia Universe is not a game. The Entropia Universe is for real. Real people, real activities and a Real Cash Economy in a massive online universe.

Join people from around the globe who use the Entropia Universe currency, the PED, to develop their characters everyday on the untamed planet of Calypso. The unique and secure Real Cash Economy allows you to transfer your accumulated PED back into real world funds."

Gee, golly, gosh! I don't know what to make of this. I've yet to check it out on a P.C. (I'm on a Mac).

Apparently, from today, players of the online game Entropia can now go to an A.T.M. and withdraw real American dollars based on the virtual Entropia dollars earned by playing the game. The game has 250,000 players, who are playing with an estimated 1.65 billion P.E.D.'s - Project Entropia Dollars (is that cheesey or what?)

They would have us believe that's the equivalent of $165 billion in genuine U.S. dollars. Ten PEDs equal a dollar. They say that the game's virtual items and assets have real-world value.

One player, known online as Neverdie, last year sold almost everything he owned to scratch together $100,000 (one million PEDs) to buy a huge space station in the game. By selling apartments and storefronts to other players and by imposing taxes on his real estate, he is now making about $12,000 a month on his investment. (Prick)

Neverdie says: "Among the higher echelon of players, we're moving money around big time. Like when I'm upgrading my resort, and I want to buy a new creature for people to hunt, we're talking about $1,500 or $5,000 ... Now people are hunting on my resort, and I can take money out and go buy a real dinner. That's fantastic."

Entropia was launched in 2003 by MindArk, which is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Jan Welter, its CEO says they've been working on the A.T.M. card idea for years and insists it is totally secure. "We want this game to be a full second reality," he says. "We want you to be able to have fun, make friends, make a business, enjoy music and do it in our game."

Here's how MindArk (where do they get these names?) describe it on their site -

"When one starts to play PE, one creates one’s alter ego, an Avatar which can be formed completely as the player desires regarding gender, appearance, skin colour etc. One is then transported to the virtual planet Calypso, which initially consists of three continents. Within the game, adventures and social interaction with other participants in the game take place.

The game develops and builds mainly on the players taking their own initiative and, together with the other players, one has the opportunity to participate in the creation of a new civilisation, explore whole continents and establish new communities .
If one chooses to leave the safety of the towns one may have to defend oneself against wild animals, hostile mutants and invading robots.
One can even claim new areas and survey and extract minerals."

Gee...what's so different to real life? One has to defend oneself against wild animals, hostile mutants and invading robots every day in these parts. Especially with the warmer weather approaching.

Check it out. Tell me what you think. Should we get together and buy some Entropia Real Estate? Is it a groundfloor opportunity? Or just another pie in the sky?

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Reader Comments (1)

let me have two tablets, a 5th of absinth, and a joint.. and I may think that this is a good investment opertunity.. .. but wait.. that said you could deveop your own universal person.. I could be the big Pimp.. I always wanted to be a pimp.. think the's much market for cyber hos? it worked for tammy?
May 2, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterDeRex

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